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What Is God + AA For Philosophers (Answers Anonymous) Update

July 29th, 2013 | Posted by Dick in Emendations


The word god is what we use to describe what we believe. I believe god is the source of all information (energy & entropy) in the universe. God is a source that is not contained in time & place. Energy eternally fluctuates god into time & place. God is inside all things, including us.
Therefore all god’s creatures think (send & receive information) because of god and think god into existence. You could say god is, ‘It from Qubit.’ This is my faith.
“Truth is god itself.” Spinoza

1) I don’t have answers
2) The order of the whole of nature does have answers
3) Therefore this whole will guide my thinking & actions in an equal relation with things that exist. I am just a part of the whole. (Sources: Euclid, Spinoza &
AA The Long Traditions: (1) Each member of AA is but a small part of a great whole.)

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