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September 1st, 2012 | Posted by Dick in Biographical | Comment

I didn’t write last week as I was working on my graphic essay, ‘What Is God And How Does It Operate?’
  Energy (God) gave me a gift in thinking the essay this week.
  My sister and her husband were flown from Idaho to Atlantic City by their daughter and her husband. They are visiting his mother.
  Then they took a train to Syracuse, stayed overnight there and rented a car to visit us here in Kingston the next day. I haven’t seen my sister in ten years.   The morning they were coming, I woke up in great entropy (boys in the back room) and wallowing in despair. I fumbled for something to hang on to and ended up grabbing Euclid’s ‘The whole is greater than the part.’  Despair turned to joy as I understood Wittgenstein’s, ‘Now I know how to go on.”
  These words of Euclid appeared in a new way. Why did Euclid say ‘part’ and not ‘parts?’ Because everything that exists is a part, including us. You can’t add all the parts together and make a ‘whole’ because the whole is GREATER than all parts.
  Spinoza said: “I am part of the whole of nature whose order I follow.”  This is what the brain teaches us about God. We are all individuals or a part of the whole (God) which is greater than we are. We are an individual part that was generated for a specific place in the whole or God. The whole or God, energizes us for this purpose.
  The whole (part) is the last of five common notions or axioms of thinking that are the foundations of thinking for Euclid and Spinoza. The other four common notions are ways of expressing the idea of “equal.” The whole/part and equal notions are what all our brains teach us about God.
  Jesus expressed Euclid’s common notions when he said: “The whole duty of man is to love God with all our heart, mind, soul and our neighbour as ourselves.” Bill Wilson demonstrated this truth in his twelve steps.
  I don’t know if I have expressed this insight adequately but it has placed joy in my heart and mind. I had a wonderful two days with my sister and her husband. I trust the whole  or God is blessing your life. Remember, Spinoza said we are not blessed because we control our lusts but rather because we are blessed by God, our lusts lose their power to control us and are replaced by joy.
  This is a ‘one day at a time’ process, (actually a one minute at a time process), because God is the whole which energizes us. It is so easy to fall back into the despair, confusion and fear of parts but the whole is GREATER than each individual part which assails us.

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