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November 3rd, 2012 | Posted by Dick in My Letters - published & not

I’ve been thinking about all the families hurt and injured by Hurricane Sandy. Spinoza says god generated all things as perfect and it is the salvation of all things. By ‘perfect,’ Spinoza meant we were given the skills and equipment to do the work for which we were generated into existence to do.
By ‘salvation,’ Spinoza meant we only think because god exists and all we think that is true and real is god. therefore we are eternally in god and god is eternally in us. This is our salvation. However, in time and space it is often very hard to grasp these ideas, especially when things happen to us that make us feel inadequate and situations occur that are not to our liking.
When the ice storm hit us in the mid-nineties and we were out of our home for 3 months, I had a hard time holding onto these ideas. However, Rose and I survived and learned more about the work god meant us to do because of that situation. So it was a blessing but it didn’t feel like one at the time.
Again, as AA says, (and I paraphrase:) 1) I can’t control things. 2) god does. 3) Therefore I will trust god.  This is our salvation as only god makes sense of all things.

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