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Reply to Noveseidue, (long overdue)

August 5th, 2010 | Posted by Dick in Uncategorized
      Here’s the Comment from Noveseidue, submitted on 2010/06/04 at 2:30pm –
     As Spinoza says, ” …science which does not consist in convictions based on reasons but in immediate union with the thing itself…” This means only that the foundation of science is based upon an immediate union and not upon a convinction. If science is intuitive or not is not the case. Maturing a convinction is possible only through an immediate union with what has been proven being the first axiom. The Immediate stands for : ” without the mediation of what is imperfect” in order to be in contact with the real nature of things as they are in themselves
     My Response – Sory for such a late reply to your comments. My server buried them in spam and after going through 84 possible spams, I discovered what you said.  Particularly, “If science is intuitive or not is not the case…” Wittgenstein said: “Intuition is an unnecessary shuffle.” I am not talking abut intuition but rather what the ancient Greeks called, “demonstation.” (See p. 40 in my recent post, ‘Bud The Brain Explores Existence.” I appreciate your visit to my blog. I shall visit yours. Dick

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