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August 30th, 2010 | Posted by Dick in Bud The Brain Explores Existence

Welcome Internet Neighbours!
Why am I writing & producing the graphic essay, ‘Bud The Brain, which shall shortly be available for downloading as well as in paperback form?’
Inquiries, criticisms & discussions not only welcome but encouraged!
Baruch de Spinoza says the duty of a philosopher is to
1) Taste union with nature
2) Produce true ideas in himself
3) Makes these ideas known to his neighbours
*This is a paraphrase from God Man & His Well Being,  Curley trans
Chp XXVI Collected Works, Princeton, NJ 1985

       ‘Bud the Brain Explores The Question Of Existence’. When I was young I tried to find the answer to why we exist, in religion. Now that I am 72, nearing the end of my journey, my questions are more modest. I am content with ‘how we exist, asking science and philosophy. The finite cannot explain the infinite but only stand in awe & gratitude.
 After years of academic frustration, I found that graphics can free me somewhat from the tyranny of language.
        As time goes on I shall probably add to this preface. Thanks for reading.

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