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Difference Between Knowing & Believing

August 18th, 2013 | Posted by Dick in Emendations | Papers - Things Of Reason | Papers - Things of Understanding

1) Knowing is a direct relation with truth as ‘Truth is god itself.” Spinoza
2) Believing (or reason), is our finite brains trying to make sense of what we know
3) Things tell us what we know
a) that they are (exist)
b) what kind of thing they are (essence). This is knowledge of the things in parts
4) All of generated existence knows in part; sends and receives information
5) Believing (reason) tries to fit in the gap between what we know in the part & what we know in the whole.
6) Belief is always finite & incomplete
7) True belief begins to see how the parts fit into the whole (union of the mind with the whole of nature).
8) When this seeing/union happens, the knowledge that resides inside us (intellect) gives us understanding of the whole – makes what exists, actual & makes sense of our lives.

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  • Ryieznah says:

    Found your blog in the AOL directory, very nice job, thknas. My positive reinforcement is based on self expectations. I have goals and expectations like anyone else. These goals or expectations keep me focused, in the sense that if I don’t live up to them, there will be a greater consequence. So, I’ll do my best to keep up, that way I don’t have to suffer whatever the consequence is.

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