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  • Graham Stewart says:

    Hi Dick:
    It has been many years since I last saw you in Collins Bay JHS group and I was quite keen to read your article in the Whig Yesterday.
    I wanted to write to say two things. First I wanted to tell you how interesting and helpful your article was. You insight, ability to explain difficult to understand matters, and eloquence is outstanding. The fact that the subject was something so personal and emotional made the feat of being true to those feelings while remaining objective enough to explain what was happening for the rest of us made the article all the more impressive. Few could do that. Most would not try. Recognizing that those who have not been there would not understand the experience in all of its facets did not deter you from trying. For a person like me that actually wants to understand better what happened to you and others who face such stressful situations better, the article was enormously helpful and much better than anything else that I have read. So thank you for making that effort.
    The second thing I wanted to say is how sorry I am to read that you and Rose went through such difficult times over such an extended period. I haven’t seen you since you went into the CSC many years ago. From what I knew about you before that I feel very confident that you approached that service with the best and noblest of motives. I am pleased that those humane values survived and, hopefully, were part of what pulled you through. Still, this is a “learning experience” that I am sorry you had to endure. It leaves one to only wonder about those who did not have your strength, knowledge, maturity and insite.
    It is hard to find anyone who comes through the prison experience without experiencing serious harm. Your story and analysis was very important to see. It made quite an impression on me. Thank you for writing it.
    I wish both you and Rose all the best in the future .

  • Ken Allan says:

    Hi Dick I dont know if you remember me but i was your superviosr at Collins Bay along time ago…I have read your article in the paper on sat with greta interest. I dont want to get into it on a website so maybe you can send me a received email and i will respond with my phone number and email…i think we have some very common denominators

  • Patrick says:

    I’m not a Spinoza expert but that which he explains resonates within.
    His works sound like tasawwuf to me. You should check out Ahmed Hulusi’s
    Am looking forward to your latest article concerning God and how it operates
    when you post it online.
    Keep up the more than interesting work Sir.
    Kind regards,

  • Anthony says:

    Dear Mr. Deshaw

    I must write to you to say how much i enjoy your website. What you are writing, in my opinion is at the very current edge of ‘healing’. I am also a reader and student of Spinoza, and although it is probably the most difficult reading material I read, i know it is of extreme value for my life.
    Reading Spinoza will be a lifetime’s work.

    I have read a number of your blogs and articles…. today i re read letter to vince…… it was beautiful!
    I am also interested in 12 steps to help me deal with some of my issues… one being ‘food’. I am trying to write an email to Rose, your wife if she could perhaps lay down some guidance. I feel the work Rose and yourself are doing is of immense value.

    Recently, I have been interested in 12 steps, I have no other choice at this point in my life…. your connection between Spinoza and 12 steps are an inspiration.

    in my life, I think food is at the heart of it all….. i have at this moment no real control of my relationship with it, (i never have, since my childhood) and it easily spirals into self-loathing and affects other creative outlets i am seeking to complete. It is a ‘loop’ where things affect each other and i end up back on square 1.

    Your work and insights are more important than published work….. this is real! real life, real people
    (The web has democratised conventional intellect) I look forward to reading them, BUT PLEASE MAKE THEM AS DIGESTABLE AS POSSIBLE…. (I find people who write blogs, tend to rush their ideas, everything needs clarity) as i’m sure that your work has a legacy.

    I have tried to write an email to Rose but the website does not allow any email to be sent, as i would like to know a little
    more of how food and 12 steps helped her and ask her to perhaps write a guide on weight loss success.

    I look forward to hearing from you

    Best wishes


  • Marianne Nicoloso says:

    Dear Mr. Deshaw,

    I would like to inform you that we have recently published the novel ‘Spinoza in Love’ by Martin Skogsbeck.
    You are no doubt aware of that very little is known about Spinoza beyond his philosophy. Combining research and creativity, Martin Skogsbeck has taken on the challenge of writing a highly plausible and engaging fictional tale about the famous philosopher’s person and life, set in 17th century Holland.

    In view of your apparent interest in Spinoza and his philosophy, I would be happy to send you a complimentary copy of the book for your consideration. Please let me know where I should send it to.

    All the best,


    Marianne Nicoloso
    Literary Agent
    Montreal, Canada
    tel: 1-514 690 4474

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