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March 1st, 2014 | Posted by Dick in Comment

‘BINARY LANGUAGE-‘ I believe the brain, like the universe, is full of quantum wonders, (some call it weirdness). Thinking is processing information through logic gates of 1 or 0 but unprocessed information is in a quantum state of both 1 and 0.
Seth Lloyd, Programming the Universe, says the universe is a quantum computer. So is the brain. If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t have poets. Linear thinking can be very boring. (Try Acids, Bases & Salts in chemistry).

‘INTENTIONALITY:’ here is an outline of Spinoza’s methodology. (Is there any correspondence?)
1) Intellect, by its inborn powers, makes intellectual tools for itself. (innate tools)
2)We have a true idea – different from its object.
3)In order to know that I know, it is necessary that I must first know.
4) Certainty= objective essence – no other sign is needed but to have a true idea…
5)True method is the path whereby truth itself, or the objective essence of things, or ideas – (all these mean the same),- is
to be sought in the proper order.
6)Method must necessarily be discourse about reasoning or intellection…method is nothing but reflexive knowledge or the idea of an idea. There will be no method unless there is first an idea.
7) So a good method will be one which shows how the mind is to be directed according to the standard of a given true
idea…most perfect method will be one which shows how the mind should be directed according to the standard of a given
idea of the most perfect being.
Second Part
The More things the Mind Knows:
1) the better it understands both its own power and the order of nature
2) the better it can lay down rules for its own guidance
3) the better it understands the order of nature and restrains itself from useless pursuits.
This is the whole of our method.

…An idea is situated in the context of thought exactly as is its object in the context of reality (pp.10-12, Emendation of the Intellect, Shirley trans.) (The words are Spinoza’s. I just did some condensing.)

Like the word, ‘God,’ the word, ‘idea,’ is one which separates out the thinkers in history. Castles in the sky are romantic, but the dirt under our feet is more substantial.

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